Styling with Books: Utilizing Literature as Decor

Styling with Books: Utilizing Literature as Decor

Books are more than just sources of knowledge; they can be an intrinsic part of your home's décor. With the rich history and culture of the Philippines, combining literature with furniture becomes an innovative and intellectual design approach. Here's how to seamlessly integrate books into your home.

The Classic Coffee Table Stack

Place a carefully curated stack of books on your coffee table crate from a renowned furniture store. This isn't just about placing any book on the table. Think of thematic colors, book sizes, and cover designs that resonate with the overall ambiance of your room. Pair it with other furniture decor items to complete the look.

Shelving with Purpose

Visit a furniture store in the Philippines or furniture stores in Batangas for diverse shelving options. Once set, organize your books in ways that catch the eye - by color, size, or subject. Intersperse these with other decor items from home and furniture stores for a holistic look.

Sofa Corners and Side Tables

Make use of a chic side table from furniture stores in Lipa to display your favorite reads next to your sofa from the Philippines. It not only serves as a handy spot for your current read but also adds a personal touch to your living space.

Online Inspiration

Online platforms, especially furniture online in the Philippines, offer a myriad of ideas for book styling. Dive into furniture Philippines online shopping to get unique pieces that can enhance your literary display.

Intricate Bookends

Visit modern furniture stores or specifically a furniture shop in the Philippines to find artistic bookends that complement your style. They'll not only keep your books upright but also add an element of design to your shelves.

Modern Nooks with a Twist

Consider adding a modern nook from a modern home store. These spaces, often integrated with modern home couch, can be adorned with books for a cozy reading corner.

Personalized Spaces

Your book collection says a lot about you. Create a personalized corner with a mix of new furniture and cherished books. Explore options from furniture ph or furniture shop ph websites like Style Spaces PH to find the perfect fit for your space.

Sale Hunts

Keep an eye out for furniture clearance sale or furniture outlet sale. These sales often provide unique and affordable pieces that can be paired with your books for a fresh look.

Gifts with a Purpose

Consider gifting furniture gifts that support the idea of literary décor. It's a thoughtful gesture that promotes the idea of blending literature with design.


Incorporating books into your home décor brings warmth and intellectuality. Dive into this design trend and let your love for literature reflect in your furniture home decor choices. Remember, the next time you're shopping furniture, think of how it can complement and elevate your book collection.

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